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Will you travel further than your area?

We are happy to assist when we can, please feel free to give us a call asap as me maybe in your area right now.

My tyres still look new, when should they be changed?

All Tyres have a date stamped on them, it is advised that you have them changed every 5 years and no longer than 7 years, this is for your safety as well as others.

Do you service my gas appliances during a service?

We will check that the appliances are operating correctly and are safe to use, we don't service them but happy to quote whist we are there.

What area do you cover?

We cover an area of about an hours drive from Berkshire, however give us a call we may be able to assist you.

Where can you service my caravan?

Almost anywhere, we have a fully equipped mobile workshop, with mains power on board. From time - time we may need to ask for water if we have run out also if you can leave a 3 foot space all round it for access. Servicing can take place at home, storage site or whilst you are on your break away.

How often do I need to have it serviced?

The more you use it the more things get worn out. If you use it about twice a year we recommend a service once a year. If you haven't used it for a while, you may find things clog up or not function correctly. To be save have it checked out. Any concerns give us a call.